Invest in people or companies

Acquire investment experience with only 1.125 AURICOIN (RIC), referential to 1,000.00 USD

Choose who you give the credit to

Decide if the return you receive short, medium or long term

Interest is deposited in your wallet according to the regulations

The agreements are registered in a smart contract, using Blockchain technology


How does it work?


The information of registered applications to choose with which person or with which company you will invest.


Choose how much you want to invest and the risk you are willing to take. Collect interest and obtain the return of capital, according to the agreement you have defined with the applicant.

Need to

Have the resources you are going to invest in your wallet.

Smart Contracts

Order the smart contract that you have agreed with the borrower.

Are you ready to start?

Maximize your savings and invest them in people or companies directly and without intermediation.


Requirements to invest

AURICOIN offers you the option of supporting other people to achieve their dreams with their savings and, at the same time, obtain profitability. Start now with only 1,125 AURICOIN (RIC), referential to $ 1,000.00 USD.

Pasos a seguir:

  1. Register with your e-mail and password on our page.

  2. Reliably fill in the investor profile on our platform.

  3. File an affidavit on the origin of the capital.

Support the project of your preference, personal or productive


You do not need investment experience.

The product of interest is available without restrictions.

It starts with low capital requirements, begins to invest with only 1,125 AURICOIN (RIC), referential to $ 1,000.00 USD.

The return is obtained in short, medium or long term, according to the conditions of the agreement with the borrower.

Together we generate
positive social impact

In AURICOIN we invite you to create an investment portfolio by type of application, identify with a cause and invest to help people improve their quality of life or undertake productive activities at reasonable costs.


Who or what

project to support?

To facilitate the selection process at the time of investing, we study each person and company that registers on our platform and, according to the information provided, we assign a credit profile, from A + (lower risk) to E (higher risk).


Investing in loans for other persons is an activity that involves a risk of uncollectibility, therefore, the return can yield positive or negative results, depending on the fulfillment of the payment of the loan, or the guarantee provided.

This does not mean in any way to ensure a certain profitability of the investments, it does not mean guarantee of performance on the part of AURICOIN, and it does not represent any promise to reach the yields that you have projected.