This business model is the one that best adapts to the expansion, since it guarantees that the people, who are in charge of AURICOIN in each country, know their language, laws, cultures and customs.


The Know-How is transmitted in the business manuals that the franchisor gives to the franchisee.

The charges that AURICOIN will establish to deliver its advantages and services is a percentage of the volume of operational sales made by the franchisee in the country that is installed.

AURICOIN cedes its already accredited trademark, as well as its work technique, experience and knowledge.

The counterpart, natural or legal person, who starts the commercial activity associated with the brand AURICOIN receives from it an exclusive country, as well as its permanent assistance during the term of the contract.

In addition, it also receives authorization from AURICOIN, which allows it to be a representative under its name, sell the cryptocurrencies, and offer services as credits and letters of credit with a specific and previously experienced system.


The obligation of the franchisee is to comply with the rules, systems and procedures that AURICOIN has provided.

Also understood as the Know-how, it is the set of manuals and documents that AURICOIN will deliver:

Authorize the use of your brand, as well as the platform, implement the technical, financial, commercial and administrative nature necessary to produce the performance of the representation in the country where you are;  achieving thus:


Excellent services


AAA quality


Economical prices

In AURICOIN you will find this and more, because we will revolutionize the trade through high quality services with image and fully standardized and efficient processes, where the client gets just what they are looking for and more like: services, quality and speed turning it into a profitable business for all the associated participants.

Services, quality and speed turning it into a profitable business for all the associated participants.


As a first step, you should check if the country is available, send an email to: [email protected] and you must place:  name, address, telephone, website, social networks (if you have them).

Within a period of less than 24 hours, you will receive a reply via e-mail if the country is available. In addition,  if it is available AURICOIN will send you a "Franchise offer circular", where it clearly summarizes what the business consists of.

The next step is to register at AURICOIN, open the wallet and acquire at AURICOIN a minimum of 10 RIC = $ 8,888.88 USD.

You already have an idea of what the AURICOIN franchise business consists of, now you must send a "Letter of Intent" to:  franchises @auricoin.org in which you will express that you are willing to make a strategic alliance with AURICOIN through the franchise model and then attach the purchase receipt of 10 RIC.

AURICOIN will send you a draft contract to be reviewed by a legal consultant who must approve it and then you will send it to:  [email protected].

Then AURICOIN will send you the corresponding contract and the rules and procedures manuals.